Best Virtual Boy Emulators for PC (Windows and Mac) 2022

With the best virtual boy emulators for PC, you’ll be able to play virtual boy games on your Windows and Mac PC and there are plenty of benefits to it.

The introduction of the virtual boy console in the mid-90s brought about games that not only surpass its predecessors but lend a clue to the world of virtual reality and its development that is now with us. One drawback however was the health concerns the console caused for gamers and hence had to be discontinued.

Virtual Boy might be old, but its games are still worth playing, we’ve seen cases of emulators like SEGA Genesis, GameCube and so on making it possible to play retro games on Android and iOS.

List of The Best Virtual Boy Emulators for PC

These emulators stand out as our best thanks to the amazing features they possess and they’re the best for playing Virtual Boy games, these emulators are lightweight and they can be downloaded for free.

1. Rustual Boy

Coined from the words Rust and Boy, this emulator is number one for many reasons, and amongst them is the thread safety it guarantees, after the sell-out of the VB console, the need for a programme that would run seamlessly the games on the Virtual Boy console in various device, caused two brothers to make the Rustual Boy game emulator.

Another reason why this emulator sticks out as one of the best is in the games they have pre-installed on them, just like the old VB games, this emulator has all existing games in the console on its game options. Not only that, the debugging options the development tools provide make it easy to fix glitches and finally, it was made on a Rustual programming language.

2. Mednafan

The multiplatform emulator Mednafan is one any Virtual Boy enthusiast should have installed on their PC and here is why: the ability of this emulator to play on any virtual boy game, it’s a simple emulator with different features of its own.

The emulator also can change the original virtual boy game colour to just about any hex, offering various opportunities to see the game in different graphics. Lastly, the emulator has a very user-friendly Interface which makes it stand out as one of the best Virtual Boy Emulators for PC

3. VBjin Emulator

Although this emulator works best for Windows, the feature of this emulator surpasses what most emulator gets to offer. Let’s a quick look at what these features are:

Starting with the rerecording and the TAF tools, where the gamers get to record the games even after the gameplay The sound effects Are superb and are very optimized for running game performance for virtual boy games.

4. Red Dragon Emulator

Red Dragon Emulator is one of the best Virtual Boy emulators for PC, this emulator poses itself as the most stable with debug options and a cheat code to enhance play.

The save states and the sound effects make this an amazing must-have, this window rendition software plays up to 20 titles of any game on the Virtual Boy Emulator making it worth the mention.

5. Reality Boy Emulator

One beauty of this emulator is the fact that it works on an old version of window OS and runs smoothly as well, not only does it work on window OS only but the Linux operating system as well.

Its sound system is great and with the cheat system you won’t want to sleep on using them on the games that this emulator supports, like others, the Reality Boy Emulator allows for a stats feature but sometimes have a bug issue.

6. Vibe Emulator

Strictly for the MAC OS, the emulator is the best to know amongst the Mac OS versions to provide a near semblance of the Virtual Boy games and their Interface.

Although these emulators feature few games’ compatibilities, it is worth mentioning that this emulator is quite new and its ability to play up to 59 per cent of most virtual boy games tells us that there is room for improvement.

7. Virtual E

Sitting among the list of the Best Virtual Boy Emulator for Windows and macOS is the Virtual E emulator, from the user-friendly Interface to the configuration of the games on the emulator, having the virtual E should not be second-guessed.

As stated, the user-friendly interface allows gamers the ability to easily navigate the home screen and make changes, and with the configuration tools, gamers can change the control as well as make an update to the games already installed in the emulator, the drawback to this emulator is that it does require a very fast PC to run games and sometimes have a lot of bug issues.
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