Best Prank Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Pranking only gets better when you have the best prank apps installed on your Android or iOS device, and if you haven’t installed any yet. You can pick from the list of pranking apps we’ll be recommending for you in this article.

Pranks are great ways to have fun with your friends and family, pranks can be done physically and they can even be practiced on mobile but only when you have an app that does pranks excellently.

List of The Best Prank Apps for Android and iOS

If you’re looking for some hilarious, high-quality apps to play hilarious pranks on your friends, you can check out some of the free pranking apps that have been listed below. Some of these apps will bring laughter and annoyance at the same time, so thread carefully before you prank someone.

1. Prank Caller

Pranking has never been easy but with Prank Caller, it gets better. If you’re looking for fun ways to prank someone, this app has all you need and with over 200 awesome pranks, you have more than enough pranks to prank anyone on your Android or iOS device.

Prank Caller is a free prank app and it’s one of the best prank apps out there, you can use it to prank friends, girlfriends and even if you know someone who thinks he or she can’t be pranked, this app is the ultimate tool to prove them wrong.

2. PrankDial – #1 Prank Call App

PrankDial is a prank call app that allows you to trick your friends with fake calls and it is undoubtedly one of the best prank apps for Android and iOS. With this app, you can make a call from any number that appears on the screen, or even choose from a list of preset numbers. The best part about this app is that it’s free to download.

PrankDial allows users to make 3 free prank calls a day, you can choose from over 100+ pranks that are available and it also allows one to save reactions to prank call history. It’s a good pranking app for smartphone users.

3. Fart Sounds Prank App

Fart Sounds by iFart is a prank app that’ll let you prank people into thinking that you actually did fart in their presence, the app features over 35 different fart sounds and one of the best features is the option to record farts and replay them next time. Aside from fart sounds for pranking, you can also use sounds like sneak attacks, security farts and so on to prank people.

You can also add sound effects to your farts. The app also has other annoying sounds including hand buzzers, whoopee cushions, squeaky toys, kazoos and more.

4. Voice Changer – Voice Effects

Voice Changer is one of the highly recommended pranking apps and that’s because it is free, easy to use, and works perfectly. The voice changer allows you to change your voice with a few simple taps. This is a great way to prank your friends on video chat or through instant messaging.

This app also has some other cool features such as various sound effects that you can add to your voice. One downside is that not all the sound effects are completely accurate in replicating what they are supposed to represent, which can be frustrating at times. Overall, it’s still one of the best prank apps out there and you can download it on Android.

5. JokesPhone – Joke Calls

JokesPhone is a top pranking app and it’s very popular because it takes pranking to a whole different level, with this app you can prank anyone by simply choosing an automated prank-call scenario and get someone to fall for the prank, it only takes two minutes of calling to prank someone with this app.

JokesPhone is an amazing prank app, it has the best prank jokes and while its pranks are a bit limited to just 1 free prank, you can invite friends to download and install the app and you’ll get unlimited free pranks, JakesPhone is one of the best prank apps out there for Android and iOS users.

6. Broken Screen Prank

You can use the Broken Screen Prank app to make it look like your phone’s screen is shattered. You can choose from a variety of different styles, like cracked glass or being submerged in water.

The best part is that this one doesn’t require a lot of complicated steps just open the app and click the broken screen on the home page. You can also turn off all your notifications so that when someone calls or texts you, they’ll get an automatic reply telling them you broke your phone. The app has realistic crack wallpapers that’ll make your phone screen look broken for real, it’s one of the best prank apps out there.

7. Loud Police Siren Police Light

Loud Police Siren Police Light is a really cool app that’ll let your phone sound like a police vehicle, the app has a lot of different police siren sounds and also different siren lights. If you want to prank people into thinking there’s a cop car coming nearby, you can use Loud Police Siren Police Light app to make that happen.

Loud Police Siren Police Light is one of the best prank apps out there, you can download it on your Android and iOS device. To use the siren light, you’ll have to use your smartphone screen to show different sequences of colours once the app has been activated.
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