AMD’s Ryzen 7000X3D Processors Are Burning Up (Update)

AMD just released a new range of Ryzen 7000 processors earlier this year with 3D V-Cache, providing even more performance. However, the new CPUs aren’t just faster: they’re also burning up.

Update, 4/25/23: AMD told The Register in a statement that the company is aware of a “limited number of reports online claiming that excess voltage while overclocking may have damaged the motherboard socket and pin pads.” AMD says it is working with motherboard manufacturers to ensure voltages are correct.

Some people are reporting their PCs with Ryzen 7000 3D processors suddenly not booting up, with no issues arising previously. Upon further inspection, the underside of the Ryzen chip inside of the PC has physically bulged and burned out, with the motherboard pins burned in the same spot. Both the CPU and the motherboard are seeing irreparable damage as a result of this issue, and it can be tricky to RMA the affected parts, since a motherboard maker could, for one, argue that the issue was caused by the CPU, or vice versa.

While AMD is yet to speak out on the issue, MSI issued a statement saying that the issue could be caused by “abnormal voltage issues.” The motherboard maker has introduced a BIOS update that heavily restricts voltage settings by only letting you reduce the voltage, and we heavily recommend you download it if you happen to have an MSI motherboard with one of these CPUs.

We should remember that AMD was initially reluctant to allow overclocking for its new CPUs with 3D V-Cache. This might be the reason why.

Make sure to download a BIOS update whenever it becomes available for your machine. We’ve reached out to AMD for comment on this issue, and we’ll update this post if we hear back.
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