2023 Vodafone Ghana Free Browsing Cheat 500MB Using TunnelTweak VPN

This is the latest Vodafone free Browsing cheat for Ghana using TunnelTweak VPN.

The Vodafone 500MB is a daily social plan which is designed to be used only on social media platforms but with TunnelTweak VPN, you will bypass the restrictions and start using the 500MB data to browse, download and even watch YouTube videos.

Moreover TunnelTweak is a very powerful app that has the capacity to Unblock all blocked sites.

However, for this Vodafone cheat to work, you need a Vodafone 4G SIM, at least 1MB data and strong network.


  1. Your Android smartphone
  2. 4G SIM card
  3. 4G network
  4. 1MB data
  5. Vodafone 500mb social plan.


  1. First download TunnelTweak vpn
  2. Install and launch it
  3. Click on the circle icon at the top to refresh server list
  4. Now click on “custom” to see list of all servers.
  5. Now, select Ghanaian|Vodafone Social Pak as seen in the image below.
  6. Now click “Start” to connect
  7. After some few seconds, it will be connected provided you have an initial 1mb in your SIM

After exhausting the 500mb data, the VPN app will disconnect. It will only connect again the next day.

This is a daily cheat so you are eligible for free 500mb on daily basis, just as MTN SA free internet.

You can equally see other Ghana free browsing cheats for Android. If you have any question, use the comments box.
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