Africel Uganda Free Browsing Tweak With Moko VPN

There is good news for Ugandans using Android Smartphones. Africel Uganda free browsing cheat is working using Moko VPN. And it’s an unlimited free internet cheat. Wow!!!

Guess what, it’s very simple to setup. No config file needed, no sign ups, no payments, no login. Thanks to the free fast VPN from mokoweb.

Africel is one of the largest telecom companies in Uganda with over 3 million subscribers.

The network offers 4G and LTE services to it customers in major cities in the country and the coverage is decent.

This makes it possible to enjoy faster internet connection speed for browsing, streaming and also downloading of files.

Previously, I have posted on MTN Uganda free browsing cheat using HTTP Injector Config files.

That method requires that we import a configuration file to HTTP injector app to connect to free browsing.

But the Africel Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ cheat needs no config file. All you need is mokoweb VPN Tunnel app.

The Uganda Africel free browsing cheat gives you access to all web pages, streaming sites, online gaming, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook etc without paying a dime.


  1. No config file needed
  2. It’s Unlimited
  3. It’s fast
  4. Secured connection
  5. No sign ups
  6. No login
  7. No payments required
  8. Browse any site free
  9. It’s simple to setup
  10. Works on Android phones
  11. Etc


  1. Android phone
  2. Africel SIM
  3. Moko VPN Tunnel – Download from here


  1. Open Moko VPN from your Android phone
  2. Click on servers and select United States or any other country of your choice
  3. Click on direct and select “πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ Uganda Africel“
  4. Now just tap on the center of the VPN (logo) to get connected.
  5. You will be prompted once connected.
  6. Finally, click exit and select minimize to run the VPN in background while you surf the internet free.

NOTE: this cheat works best in areas with better 4G network coverage.

We have fixed occasional disconnections when connected.

We have also fixed the inability to stream Netflix videos and play online games with this cheat.

So we can confirm that it works almost 100% now.

Meanwhile, if you still have issues connecting, or have any thing to tell us, please use the comment box below to add your comment and we will look into it.
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