How to Activate and use MTN MPulse 200mb for N50 & 700mb for N150 August, 2023

MTN MPulse tariff plan offers subscribers an amazing 200mb for N50 and 700mb for N150. This is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and best data plans from MTN right now in this lockdown period.

However, MPulse is designed for kids aged 9 to 15 years, meaning all MTN users are not eligible for this tariff and data plan on default.

But here is the catch! You will be eligible for this awoof MTN MPulse data plans when you activate and power it with a VPN application.

Recall that MTN was previously giving MPulse subscribers 100MB for N50 and 350MB for N150 but the data value has been doubled to give 200MB for 50naira and 700mb for 150 naira. which is more like a huge data leap during this lockdown period.

Unfortunately, the app cannot work normally without the use of a VPN to power it. So follow below guidelines to activate the plan and use VPN to power it.


  1. Android phone
  2. MTN MPulse Tariff
  3. Minimum of 50 Naira
  4. Stark VPN
  5. Good network signal


First, you need to migrate to MPulse tariff by dialing *344*1# or Sending ‘mPulse’ to 131 in an SMS to migrate.
After migrating, dial *344# and select option two “2” which is “special data plan for mPulse web”

Next select “1” to “buy data bundle”

Now choose the bundle of your choice (Mtn Mpluse 50 for 200MB And Mtn Mpluse 150 for 700MB) as seen in the screenshots below.

Congrats, you have successfully activated your awoof MPulse data plan. Now the next thing is setting up stark VPN to use the data (MB) to power all apps.

NOTE: The MPulse 200mb for 50 Naira plan valid for one week while the 700mb for 150 Naira plan lasts for two weeks.


To enjoy the MPulse data without issues, you need to use a VPN app to power it. Most VPN apps works perfectly but in this context, we are using Stark VPN.First download Stark VPN apk
  1. Launch the app, locate settings and apply the following settings
  2. Select Custom Tweak
  3. Select Connection Mode – HTTP
  4. Server Port – 8080
  5. Host Header –
  6. Select Header Line Type – Singleline
  7. Proxy Host –
  8. Proxy Port – 8080
  9. Now, go back to home and select tweak to custom.
  10. Finally , click on CONNECT.
After some seconds, it will be connected and you will be able to browse any web page, use all the apps in your phone without limitations.

This new package is absolutely better than the previous MPulse daily 50mb cheat using Stark VPN.

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