How to Easily Get GTBank POS Machine and Become a POS Agent

I’ve written several articles on the easiest way to get POS machines for your business ranging from OPay POS, Moniepoint POS, and Baxi POS. Today, I’ll be adding that of Guarantee Trust Bank to the list, a step-by-step approach on how to begin your application and have it delivered to you.

Getting GTBank POS is easy to get if you meet the below requirements;

Requirements for GTBank POS
1. You need to possess a GTB Current Account.
2. Valid identification documents (Passport, Voters Card, National Identity, or Drivers License).
3. You need to have an existing business location.
4. You also need a Utility bill like an NEPA bill or Waste bill as proof of your residential address.

GTBank POS Machine Terminals are given free of charge after approvals. GTbank charges a fee of 0.75% for each payment or service made with the POS. While Gtbank provides free maintenance of the POS units.

How to Apply For GTBank POS Machine
Meeting the requirements for a GTBank POS machine application? Follow these steps to apply:

1. Visit your nearest GTBank branch with the required documents
2. Ask a customer agent in the banking hall for a POS application form
3. Fill out the form and submit it
4. The agent will review your application
5. If approved, you’ll be contacted to collect the machine

Alternatively, you can download the GTBank mobile money agent form, fill it out, and take it to your nearest GTBank branch. You will be contacted if your application is approved.

How Long Does It Take For Approval?
Following all checks and approval of your account as a GTBAnk POS agent, you should receive your GTB POS about 14 days after applying. Try to keep in contact with GTBAnk to get up-to-date information about the process by calling your Account officer or by emailing

Is GTBank POS machine free?
Yes, the GTBank POS machine is free. However, you’ll be charged 0.75% on every transaction performed on the POS.

Does GTBank pay their agent monthly?
GtBank POS agents make money daily from every transaction that they perform, and the money is automatically credited into their GtBank account.

What are GTBank POS withdrawal charges?
GtBank POS withdrawal charges for all transactions regardless of the amount is 0.75%.

How do I become a GTBank POS agent?
To become a GTBank POS agent, visit a GTBank branch, request a POS registration form, and provide the necessary documents. After your application is approved, GTBank provides training and support on using the machine.

How do I use a GTBank POS machine?
To use a GtBank POS machine, you need to connect it to the internet and follow the instructions on the screen. The device accepts payments through ATM cards and mobile payments.

What types of payments does a GTBank POS machine accept?
GtBank POS machine accepts payments through debit/credit cards, cardless, and mobile payments.

Is a GTBank POS machine secure?
Yes, the GTB POS machine is secure as it uses advanced encryption technology to protect customer data and transactions.
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