2023 Best FPS Games on PlayStation Plus You Should Play

When it comes to first-person shooter (FPS) games on PlayStation Plus, there’s a treasure trove for gamers seeking adrenaline-pumping action and immersive experiences.

The FPS genre on PlayStation Plus has seen remarkable growth over the years, offering players a diverse array of settings, gameplay styles, and narratives. With a plethora of titles to choose from, it can be challenging to pinpoint the absolute best. Whether you’re a fan of futuristic warfare, survival horror, or historical battles, there’s an FPS title for everyone.

List of the Best FPS Games on PlayStation Plus to Play Right Now

1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege offers an exceptional gaming experience for those who crave a bit of challenge intertwined with the thrill of top-notch teamwork. This game caters to a diverse range of player preferences, whether you aspire to be a sharpshooter, a master of distraction, a breaching expert, or a cunning trickster.

What sets Siege apart is its incorporation of hero shooter elements, adding depth and variety to gameplay. Within Siege’s immersive world, players can dive into a plethora of player-versus-player (PVP) options, where tactics, coordination, and strategy are paramount.

One standout feature of Rainbow Six Siege is its ability to seamlessly connect you with like-minded players who share your dedication to teamwork. Whether you’re playing with friends or looking to join a team of strangers, the game’s community and matchmaking system make it easy to find teammates who complement your style.

2. Deathloop

Deathloop is an exhilarating gaming experience that immerses you in a relentless cycle of mystery and action on the captivating island of Blackreef. Your mission? To unearth the enigmatic secrets of this island and dismantle the eight elusive targets that hold the key to breaking free from the inescapable time loop that ensnares you.

The game’s gunplay is nothing short of spectacular, offering a seamless blend of speed, diversity, and sheer satisfaction as you wield an array of weapons, each endowed with unique and thrilling powers. But what truly sets Deathloop apart is its dynamic approach to character development and exploration.

You’ll find yourself gaining new abilities through a series of daring maneuvers, such as sneaking up on adversaries to observe, stab, and shoot your way to newfound powers. As one of the best FPS games on PlayStation Plus, it encourages you to chart your own course, granting you the freedom to decide your next move as you engage more in it.

3. Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4, in many ways, builds upon the established gameplay elements of its predecessors, infusing them with enhancements that elevate the overall gaming experience. While it remains true to the core Far Cry formula, the game sets itself apart with a completely fresh and intriguing plotline.

This distinct narrative approach not only offers a departure from its forerunners but also makes Far Cry 4 an exceptional entry point for newcomers to the series. One of the hallmark features of Far Cry 4’s expansive open world is the plethora of activities that await players.

It’s a world teeming with opportunities for adventure, where you can liberate outposts from oppressive forces and scale towering radio towers to unlock new areas of the map. The freedom of exploration is enriched by a wide array of vehicles that allow you to traverse the terrain both on land and in the air, adding a thrilling dimension to the gameplay.

4. Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 truly stands out as a remarkable run-and-gun shooter, and what sets it apart is its exceptional blend of exhilarating melee combat, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the genre. It is without doubt, one of the best FPS games on PlayStation Plus that is worth checking out.

While the gunplay might seem familiar for enthusiasts of the genre, this game injects a refreshing twist with its sophisticated loot system that keeps players constantly engaged and eager to discover new, powerful gear. But what truly makes Shadow Warrior 2 a standout title is the abundance of rich side content that complements the main plot.

It offers players a wealth of activities and challenges beyond the core storyline. Speaking of the plot, while it may not be the most intricate or convoluted narrative, it does precisely what it needs to – it guides players from one captivating level to the next, serving as a conduit for them to indulge in the thrilling task of slaying hordes of demonic foes.

5. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2 isn’t your typical first-person shooter; it’s a multiplayer gem that seamlessly blends the chaos of melee and the precision of ranged weaponry. Within this gripping world, each of the five playable characters is armed with a diverse arsenal of both types, allowing for a rich and dynamic combat experience.

But what truly sets Vermintide 2 apart is its cooperative essence, where teams of intrepid players must unite their strengths to face waves of adversaries across the game’s 13 challenging missions. Yet, it’s not just the cooperative element that makes Vermintide 2 shine; it’s the fighting system that truly immerses players in its visceral world.

With each swing of a weapon, you can feel the weight and impact, making every encounter feel meaty and satisfying. And let’s not forget the backdrop – set in the rich Warhammer universe, Vermintide 2 offers a deeply rewarding experience, drawing players into its immersive and engaging gameplay.

6. Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone Shadow Fall marks the fourth installment in the beloved console game series, and it holds a special place in the hearts of gamers as it was released as a launch title for the PlayStation 4. What sets this game apart is its clever utilization of the DualShock 4 controller’s features, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

This title continues to shine as a fantastic first-person sci-fi shooter, distinguishing itself from the barrage of explosion-filled action games by offering a remarkably well-crafted narrative. It delves into the intricate complexities of war, challenging the oversimplified notion of a clear-cut ‘good versus bad’ dynamic that is often portrayed.

One of the standout aspects of Killzone Shadow Fall is the palpable sense of realism in its weaponry. The guns in the game carry a genuine weight to them, making every shot and engagement feel substantial and immersive. This is why it is considered one of the best FPS games on PlayStation Plus to play.

7. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Payday 2 is a cooperative crime simulator that thrusts up to four players into a world of high-stakes heists and daring thefts. Whether it’s a simple smash-and-grab job at a jewelry store or a planned assault on a bank vault, players find themselves at the helm of a criminal crew, tasked with devising strategies to pull off these audacious heists.

What truly sets Payday 2 apart is the sheer depth and complexity that underpins each operation. It’s not just about executing the perfect heist; it’s about the meticulous planning, teamwork, and coordination that make it all come together seamlessly.

The Crimewave Edition, with its numerous enhancements and upgrades, serves as a polished and refined version of the game, enriching the experience for both long-time fans and those stepping into the world of high-stakes crime for the first time. It’s a testament to how a game can continue to evolve and captivate its audience.


Prepare for a journey through the realm of FPS games on PlayStation Plus. We have uncover the gems that stand out in a sea of choices, highlighting their gripping narratives and stunning visuals. Whether you’re seeking intense combat or immersive storytelling, these titles deliver the goods, making them essential additions to any gamer’s library.
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