2024 Top 5 Torrent Clients

The world has largely moved away from Torrent sites and what they stood for in the late 2000s to mid 2010s. However, even in 2024 there is still need for such tools and platforms that are more legal and less likely to land you in trouble with DMCA enforcement.

Some of these include downloading open-source software, such as Linux distros, that are often available for free via torrent, downloading public domain content, such as books, movies, or music, that are no longer protected by copyright, downloading content that is licensed under Creative Commons or other similar licenses that allow sharing and modification, or maybe even downloading content that you have purchased or have permission to use from the original creator or distributor.

Torrent Clients to use in 2024

But which client is right for you in 2024? In this post we walk you through some of these clients to help you decide which is the best for your needs. I use Linux primarily, but I also make occasional detours through the world of Windows so most of these tools focus on the two operating systems.


This is a free, open-source, and lightweight torrent client that offers a good balance between simplicity and functionality. It has a clean and intuitive interface, no ads, and many features, such as a built-in search engine, sequential downloading, bandwidth scheduler, and IP filtering. It is also cross-platform and supports many languages. Download qBittorrent for Linux, Windows or Mac


This is a free, open-source, and minimalist torrent client that is designed for Mac and Linux users. It has a simple and elegant interface, low resource usage, and basic features, such as encryption, peer exchange, magnet links, and web interface. It is also compatible with some Windows versions and supports many languages. Download Transmission


This is another free, open-source, and lightweight torrent client that is highly customizable and extensible. It has a modular design that allows users to add or remove various plugins, such as web interface, encryption, RSS, scheduler, and more. It is also cross-platform and supports many languages. Download – Deluge (deluge-torrent.org)

uTorrent Classic/Web

This is the most popular and widely used torrent client, with a simple interface, fast performance, and various features. It has both a desktop and a web version, and it supports streaming, remote access, and magnet links. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as ads, bloatware, and potential security issues. ĀµTorrent (uTorrent) Classic | The Original Torrent Client


This is the official torrent client of the BitTorrent protocol, developed by the same company as uTorrent. It has a similar interface, features, and performance as uTorrent, but it also offers some exclusive content, such as BitTorrent Originals, BitTorrent Now, and BitTorrent Bundles.

However, it also suffers from the same drawbacks as uTorrent, such as ads, bloatware, and potential security issues.
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