Best Cinema HD Alternatives for Movie Streaming in 2024

Even though Android has hundreds of Movie & TV Show streaming apps, most are banned and require a VPN server connection to function. One such app is Cinema HD, which hosts copyrighted content and often faces legal troubles.

Cinema HD has been one of the most downloaded movie streaming apps for Android, but since it hosted the copyrighted content, it was taken down from the Google Play Store. After the takedown, the app was still available from third-party app download sites.

Apps like Cinema HD is definitely not safe to use because it was not available on the Google Play Store and hosts copyrighted content. The use of such sites can cause legal troubles and can also bring security issues.

10 Best Cinema HD Alternatives for Movie Streaming

So, if you used to be a Cinema HD user but don’t want to use it now due to legal issues, continue reading the guide till the end. Below are some of the best Cinema HD alternatives for Movie & TV Show streaming. Let’s get started.

1. Crackle

Crackle may not be the best Cinema HD alternative for Android, but it’s still a great app for streaming hit movies, TV Shows, and originals on your smartphone.

The app is basically free to download & use, and it gives you access to its massive library of Movies & TV Shows. Almost all content on the site can be viewed for free, but you must adjust to the ads in between devices.

If we talk about the genres it covers, you will find video content across genres like Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thrillers, Crime, Westerns, and more.

2. Popcornfli

Popcornflix is another legal way to stream Movies & TV shows on an Android smartphone. This free Android streaming app provides you access to hundreds of free full-length movies & TV shows.

We have listed Popcornflix on the list best Cinema HD Alternatives because it’s the first fully free movie streaming app for Android.

This Android app can watch star-studded blockbusters, cult classics, acclaimed foreign films, and binge-worthy TV Shows. Overall, Popcornflix is a great movie streaming app for Android that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

3. Vudu

Vudu is another ad-free video streaming app available for Android on the Google Play Store. While the database of Vudu’s free content is not as high as other apps on the list, it still has a few cult classics.

The free version provides you access to classic hits like Predator, Rocky, Warrior, etc. What we liked the most about the Vudu app is its content for every age group.

If you are not satisfied with the free content that it offers, you also get an option to stream, rent, or own your own movie.

4. FilmRise

FilmRise is a perfect Android app for watching full-length movies & TV Shows on Android. Basically, the FilmRise app is available for Android phones, Android TVs, and Smart TVs.

So, you can install the FilmRise app on any of the supported devices and watch Movies & TV Shows in high quality. Like every other free app on the list, FilmRise depends on advertisements to provide you with movies & TV shows for free.

While the app shows advertisements, they are fewer than your Cable TV. FilmRise is completely free; there’s no need to submit your credit card or even register your details.

5. Tubi

Tubi is an Android app that gives you access to over 60,000+ Movies & TV Shows. It also has a dedicated section for watching Live TV for free.

Like the Filmrise app, Tubi doesn’t require linking the credit card or registration. Just download the Tubi Android app and stream the full catalog of entertainment that it brings.

Since Tubi is a free app, it does show ads, but you get to see three times fewer ads than a cable connection. Regarding the content, Tubi has video content across 40+ genres.

6. Netflix

Netflix is possibly the best video streaming service on the web. This is not for those who want to watch free content, as there’s no free tier available on the site.

To watch content on Netflix, you need to purchase a subscription. However, the good thing about Netflix Premium is that it unlocks the best quality videos and allows you to download them for offline playback.

While there are many Movies & TV shows to binge on Netflix, recently, Netflix raised the price of its subscription plans. However, you can opt for a cheaper, ad-supported, affordable version.

7. Prime Video

If you are an Amazon Prime user, you can access Prime Video for free. Although there’s an option to purchase Prime Video individually, the Prime subscription is still the best choice.

Prime Video is known as the best Netflix alternative because it has many originals & exclusive content. You can install the Prime Video mobile app to watch all content for free.

Like Netflix, Prime Video doesn’t offer any free content. But the premium subscription brings you 4K and HDR streaming, support for offline downloads, multiple viewer profile creation, and audio descriptions.

Prime Video could also be a great app if you want to rent or buy movies & TV Shows. Overall, Prime Video is a great pick for movie streaming on Android.

8. MXPlayer

If you live in India, MXPlayer might be the best Cinema HD Alternative for you. MXPlayer was introduced to the public as a media player app, but it has now grown to become a leading OTT platform in the country.

Almost all content available on the MXPlayer app is free to view, but you must deal with the ads. It’s also important to note that advertisements are on the higher side and can ruin your Movie & TV Show watching experience.

You can eliminate the ads by purchasing the premium plans of MXPlayer. MXPlayer does have a few good movies & TV Shows, but its catalog misses out on the massive hits & cult classics.

9. JioCinema

JioCinema is for Jio SIM card users in India. It’s a video streaming app that’s available for both Android & iPhone. If you have an active Jio SIM card, you can access JioCinema for free and watch its contents.

JioCinema stands out in India due to its amazing collection of Movies and TV Shows. Also, it streams lots of sports events.

If we talk about the content, the Jio Cinema app currently has over 100,000 hours of movies, TV Shows, originals, music videos, and more that you can watch for free. Also, it provides lots of regional content.

10. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstart is a great movie & TV Show app for Indian users. If you love to watch Regional & Bollywood content, Disney+ Hotstar might be paradise.

It’s a top-rated app for movie lovers, providing access to many hits and exclusive content. Hotstar has a free plan, but it’s ad-supported and lets you stream content in SD quality.

However, most of the contents are available as a free watch. If you want to unlock the HD streaming & remove all ads, purchasing a Disney+ Hotstar premium subscription is best.
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