Meet Nothing Phone 2a Everything You Need to Know

I am a sucker for a fairytale story, I always root for the underdog, and in the mobile space, there is no shortage of brands that seek to disrupt the status quo, to challenge the establishment. One such brand is Carl Pei-founded Nothing.

Today, the tech world is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming Nothing Phone (2a), a mid-range smartphone poised to shake up the market with its unique design, promising specs, and potentially competitive price.

While not yet officially launched, whispers and leaks have painted a fascinating picture of this intriguing device. So, what can we expect from the Nothing Phone (2a)? Let’s dive in and explore everything we know so far.

The Nothing Phone 2a will feature a 6.7-inch Full HD OLED display at least according to the rumours. This generous screen boasts a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring buttery-smooth scrolling and seamless transitions, whether you’re gaming, browsing, or streaming content. The OLED technology promises rich colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast for an exceptional viewing experience.

Powering Your Everyday Needs

Under the hood, the Nothing Phone (2a) is expected to pack the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro chipset. This custom-made processor promises efficient performance, handling everyday tasks like web browsing, social media, and multimedia consumption with ease.

Whether you’re multitasking between apps or engaging in light gaming, the Dimensity 7200 Pro should provide a fluid and responsive experience. Worth noting is that many OEMs have been looking to Mediatek as their chipmaker. Qualcomm chips still kick butts in the high-end segment of the market but Mediatek seems to have them edged out a little.

The Nothing Phone (2a) caters to diverse needs with two RAM options: 8GB and 12GB. For casual users and those prioritizing affordability, 8GB should be sufficient for smooth multitasking. Power users and gamers might appreciate the extra headroom offered by 12GB, ensuring seamless performance even when demanding applications are running concurrently.


Capture your memories with the dual camera setup on the Nothing Phone (2a). The rumored setup features two Samsung 50-megapixel Isocell sensors, promising high-quality photos and videos in various lighting conditions.

Whether you’re snapping scenic landscapes or capturing candid moments, the cameras are poised to deliver impressive results.

I’d guess that Nothing won’t make this device as potent in the camera department so as not to cannibalize the sales of its more expensive sibling, the Nothing Phone 2. But them adopting the same naming scheme as Google might mean that they could as well go all out on the camera performance of the cheaper device. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Long-Lasting Battery and Fast Charging

The device will be powered throughout the day with the 5,000mAh battery rumored to be housed within the Nothing Phone (2a). This generous capacity should easily handle daily usage, offering peace of mind and minimizing the need for frequent charging.

And when you do need to top up, 45W wired charging support promises a quick and efficient way to get back to 100%. Will this econobox from Nothing feature wireless charging? I guess we shall have to wait and see.

Additional Features:

The Nothing Phone (2a) is also expected to boast an IP54 rating, making it splash, water, and dust resistant. This level of protection ensures your phone can handle everyday spills and light rain without worry. Additionally, the phone will likely run Android 14 with Nothing OS 2.5, offering a clean and customizable user interface.

Price and Availability

While not yet officially confirmed, rumors suggest the Nothing Phone (2a) will target a more affordable price point compared to its predecessor. This is exciting news for those seeking a value-packed smartphone with unique design elements and promising performance.

The anticipated price tag of around $400 could make it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. Mark your calendars for March 5, 2024, as that’s when the Nothing Phone (2a) is expected to officially launch.
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