How to Download and Install GTA India APK (Cities and Villages) for Android

GTA India is the modded Indian version of the popular GTA San Andreas game. Just as GTA Mzansi is the modded version for South Africa. In this post, we will talk about GTA India, exploring its features, gameplay mechanics, and why it’s become a must-have for any gaming enthusiast.

As a passionate gamer, I’m always on the lookout for exciting new gaming experiences that transport me to different worlds and immerse me in unique cultures. So when I stumbled upon GTA India APK for Android, I was immediately intrigued.


  1. Name GTA India
  2. Publisher Rockstar Games
  3. Size 662.88MB
  4. Category Adventure, Action
  5. Version 7.0
  6. Genre Action, Adventure
  7. Platform Android 6.0+, iOS
  8. Updated March 22, 2024
  9. First Released 2nd November 2008
  10. Downloads 10,000,000+
  11. Multiplayer Yes
  12. Unlocked Items Yes
  13. Price Free
  14. Review Rating 4.5/5


Picture this: cruising through the bustling streets of Mumbai, the sounds of traffic and chatter filling your ears as you navigate through the chaos. Or perhaps you prefer the tranquil serenity of Goa’s beaches, the waves lapping gently against the shore as you soak in the sun. These are just a taste of what GTA India APK has to offer.

For those unfamiliar, GTA India APK is a modded version of the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto franchise, specifically tailored to showcase the vibrant culture and diverse landscapes of India. From the moment you launch the game, you’re transported to a world brimming with Indian flair, from the music to the vehicles and everything in between.


The hallmark of any GTA game is its open-world design, and GTA India is no exception. From the towering skyscrapers of Mumbai to the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, the game’s map is a sprawling playground waiting to be explored. As I navigated through the various regions of India, I couldn’t help but marvel at the attention to detail put into recreating each location.

Whether I was embarking on a high-speed chase through the streets of Delhi or embarking on a leisurely drive through the countryside, the world of GTA India felt alive and vibrant, teeming with activity and ripe for exploration. And with each passing minute, I found myself getting lost in the rich tapestry of Indian culture that permeates every corner of the game.


But what truly sets GTA India apart is its gameplay mechanics and unique features. The game seamlessly blends classic GTA elements with Indian twists, resulting in a gameplay experience that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

From hijacking rickshaws to engaging in epic shootouts with the police, there’s no shortage of adrenaline-pumping action in GTA India. But beyond the chaos and mayhem lies a plethora of custom missions, each with its own distinct Indian flavor. Whether I was participating in a Bollywood-style heist or delivering goods for a local vendor, these missions never failed to keep me entertained and engaged.

And let’s not forget about the vehicles. GTA India boasts an impressive array of Indian vehicles, from iconic Royal Enfield motorcycles to colorful auto-rickshaws. Whether I was tearing through the streets in a high-performance sports car or leisurely cruising on a scooter, each vehicle felt unique and true to its Indian roots.



Another standout feature of GTA India is its wide range of Indian vehicles. From iconic Royal Enfield motorcycles to colorful auto-rickshaws, the game offers players a diverse selection of transportation options to traverse the sprawling landscapes of India. Whether you prefer the roar of a powerful sports car or the leisurely pace of a bullock cart, there’s a vehicle to suit every taste and style.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. GTA India also allows players to take to the skies with a variety of aerial vehicles, including helicopters and airplanes. Soar above the cityscape of Mumbai or fly over the majestic Taj Mahal as you explore the vast expanse of the game world from a whole new perspective.


One of the most engaging aspects of GTA India is its wide range of custom missions, each with its own unique Indian flair. Whether you’re embarking on a high-stakes heist or completing a simple delivery job, these missions offer a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience that keeps players coming back for more.

What sets these missions apart is their attention to detail and authenticity. From rescuing a Bollywood star from a kidnapper to stealing a sacred statue from a temple, each mission is filled with cultural references and nods to real-world events, adding an extra layer of depth and immersion to the game.


No GTA game would be complete without a colorful cast of characters, and GTA India is no exception. From street vendors and rickshaw drivers to police officers and criminals, the game features a wide range of Indian characters that add an extra layer of authenticity to the experience.

As I interacted with these characters throughout my journey, I couldn’t help but appreciate the attention to detail put into their design and dialogue. Each character felt unique and true to Indian culture, enriching the overall gaming experience and making the world of GTA India feel all the more alive.


One of the things that sets GTA India apart is its rich tapestry of cultural references. From the chai stands on the side of the road to the colorful street festivals, the game does an excellent job of capturing the small details that make India such a unique and vibrant place.

As I explored the game world, I found myself constantly discovering new references and Easter eggs that paid homage to various aspects of Indian culture and tradition. Whether it was stumbling upon a cricket match in the park or attending a traditional dance performance, these cultural references added depth and authenticity to the game world, making it feel truly alive and immersive.


Last but not least, GTA India allows players to customize their weapons with a variety of Indian-inspired designs. From intricate engravings to colorful tassels, players can add a personal touch to their guns, making them both functional and stylish.

As I experimented with different customization options, I was impressed by the level of detail and creativity that went into each design. Whether you prefer a classic revolver adorned with traditional motifs or a modern assault rifle with a touch of Indian flair, the possibilities are endless, allowing players to truly make their mark on the game world.


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