Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro to Launch this July

As Samsung’s Unpacked event on July 10 draws near, there has been a surge in leaks about the company’s upcoming devices, including the Galaxy Buds Buds 3 Pro. The spotlight was initially on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6, with a major leak revealing significant features and enhancements for these foldable phones.

Shortly after the foldable devices had their moment, attention shifted to the buds. These new earbuds have generated considerable buzz and have overshadowed the previous excitement around the foldables.

In a surprising twist, the leak concerning the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro was particularly notable because it seems the leaker managed to buy the earbuds before their official release. This development adds an extra layer of intrigue and frustration for Samsung as they prepare for their big event.

A Reddit user recently uploaded a photo of the Galaxy Buds Buds 3 Pro’s retail packaging and subsequently purchased the unit. Following the purchase, they shared multiple images showcasing the Buds 3 Pro from different perspectives.

The images provide a clear view of the new charging case, which sports a transparent top cover, and highlight the earbuds’ elegant gunmetal finish. These photos offer a detailed look at the design and features of Samsung’s upcoming earbuds.

One of the photos feature the leaker wearing one of the earbuds, highlighting the length of the stem and how much it protrudes from the ear. From this image, it appears that the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro have a longer stem compared to the AirPods Pro 2.

Additionally, one of the images (the second in the collage photo above) reveals the “Blade lights,” though they may not be immediately noticeable. While these LED lights function as a battery indicator, Samsung’s other uses for them on the Buds 3 Pro remain unclear.

In response to another Reddit user’s question about comfort, the leaker stated that the Buds 3 Pro are very comfortable, but the longer stem might be an issue if you sleep with them.

Galaxy Buds 3 Series Similarities

An earlier leak suggests that the standard Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 might share numerous features with the Pro version, including a similar design. Both models are expected to have an IP57 certification, Bluetooth 5.4, 360 Audio, and integration with SmartThings Find.

Additionally, it appears that the Buds 3 Pro will support 24-bit 96KHz audio streaming, though this feature might be exclusive to pairing with a Galaxy phone. This enhancement promises a high-quality audio experience for users within the Samsung ecosystem.

However, these advancements may come with a higher price. According to the leak, the Galaxy Buds Buds 3 series could be more expensive than previous models, reflecting the upgraded features and capabilities.
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