Microsoft Might Release A Surface Phone Soon

Microsoft Might Release A Surface Phone Soon

It seems Microsoft is trying to achieve one objective: merge the phone and the PC to create a seamless experience. To some extent, Windows 10 operating system has achieved this. Although Windows 10 experience on PC is nothing compared to what you see on a Lumia phone, it’s quite evident the company is trying to merge the OS.

The possibility of a revolutionary Surface phone is exciting. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been hailed as probably the best hybrid tablet by reviewers and a lot of users even rate the device better than the iPad Pro. Microsoft Surface is a pretty big tablet and the idea of making a phone out of it running the same OS is something to indeed look forward to.

In a recent Windows Weekly show, Chief marketing officer of Microsoft Chris Capossela hinted at the possibility of a Surface phone in the future. It’s obvious Microsoft needs a breakthrough in the mobile market to win over people already on iOS and Android but the Lumia series haven’t been able to achieve that. He said:

We need some sort of spiritual equivalent on the phone side that doesn’t just feel like it’s a phone for people who love Windows. It’s got to be a phone where it’s like, ‘Wow, that’s a real shock or that’s a real breakthrough, and that’s going to make me (as a hypothetical Apple fan) pause before I buy my 17th iPhone.’ And we need time to actually go build that.

If Microsoft actually comes up with a Surface phone, a device that can function both as a phone and a personal computer at the same time, a lot of people will definitely be won over.

For now, the latest Lumia 950 and 950 XL have a Continuum feature that gives a sort of desktop experience when connected to an external display, but it’s still nothing compared to a full-fledged PC due to certain shortcomings.
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