A Chinese Company Is Already Working On An iPhone 7 Clone

A Chinese Company Is Already Working On An iPhone 7 Clone

iPhone 7 is yet to be released but a Chinese company is already planning to clone it. This is not the first time an upcoming Apple product gets released in China even before the launch date. Goophone and Wico did it with the iPhone 6 two months before launch in 2014, and it’s not really going to look strange if we see another cloned iPhone running Android OS in the next few weeks.

We’ve seen some iPhone 7 concepts already and it seems the company is going to base the design on one of these. This isn’t the first time GooApple is cloning an Apple product. The company did the same thing with the iPhone 6 but this time, they’re slamming some pretty high-end specifications on the next iPhone clone.

According to GizChina, a tip was received from an anonymous source showing what to expect from GooApple i7.

GooApple i7 seems to have appeared on the manufacturer’s website. Image credit: GizChina
While we can’t ascertain the credibility of the device or the rumored specifications, we can confidently say the company will likely create something like this. GooApple cloned the iPhone 6 after all.

As for the specifications, the phone is said to be powered by a deca-core processor, the new MediaTek Helio P10. There’s going to be a whopping 4GB RAM and a 256GB internal memory. The battery is said to have a capacity of 3100mAh and should support fast charge. The device will run Android Marshmallow with an iOS 9 UI overlayed on top of it.

A 16MP camera will be at the back and the phone is said to sport a metal body. For a just a clone device, the specifications look way over the top. Are you willing to put your money on this fake iPhone running Android OS?
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