Again, Phoenix OS Tries To Bring Android To The PC

Again, Phoenix OS Tries To Bring Android To The PC

In making Android OS a lot more better, it seems the Chinese are way ahead of Google. Everyone is looking forward to Android N which might introduce split-screen multitasking but companies like Jide and Chaozhuo Technology have already been there. The latest version of Remix OS was shown off at CES and days later, a public release was available for download.

In case you missed it, Remix OS is a forked version of Android OS developed by three former Google employees. Jide, the company behind Remix OS, aims at creating a version of Android that can work as a PC operating system. Out of nowhere, Phoenix OS too hits the internet and this is also another forked version of Android for PC.

Just like Remix OS, this also supports multi-window multitasking and it borrows a lot of features from Microsoft Windows. As a matter of fact, this might look like a true desktop OS at first look.

Phoenix OS is another forked Android version like Remix OS that aims at making Android OS a usable PC operating system. Image credit: Liliputing

Like Windows, there’s a start menu and of course, you have a notification center. The operating system should be able to run all Android applications but fullscreen mode may not be supported by all of them.

Like Remix OS, you won’t need to overwrite your operating system, you can install and run the OS from a flash drive. It’s already available for download and there’s a guide on how to install on the official website.

There are also ROMs for Nexus 8 and Nexus 9 tablet you can download.
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