Antutu Benchmark: iPhone 6S Plus Beats All Android Phones

Antutu Benchmark: iPhone 6S Plus Beats All Android Phones

Apple is not the company to get into specification wars with other phone vendors but for years, they have been in the lead. While phone vendors come out every year with crazy flagship products sporting PC-worthy specifications to wow consumers, Apple maintained its stand and optimized iOS to be the most efficient operating system.

Antutu recently released an infographic showing the iPhone 6S leading the best performing Android phones with a whopping 42% margin.

Closest to the iPhone 6s Plus is Huawei Mate 8. Surprisingly, Samsung’s best product for the year 2015 was fourth on the list, trailing behind Meizu Pro 5.

iPhone 6s Plus is powered by Apple’s custom dual-core processor, Apple A9 SoC, and it has a clock speed of only 1.85GHz. iPhone 6S Plus has a 2GB RAM and the performance compared with others on the list is simply outstanding. On the other hand, the best performing Android phone has a 4GB and it’s powered by Huawei’s custom chip Kirin 950 (with a clock speed of 2.0Ghz).
Why is Apple dominating?

Apple has failed to go into specifications war with other OEMs and still, it’s clearly ahead. The best performing iPhone 6S Plus has just 2GB RAM and the dual core processor has a clock speed of only 1.85GHz.

Apple’s dominance isn’t all about specifications, it seems it should be attributed to the A9 Soc and perhaps, the optimized operating system. Since Apple is the first to adopt 64-bit processor on smartphones, the Apple A9 processor is way ahead of competitors. The GPU performance is outstanding and no device in the market comes close. Also, iOS has the ability to effectively use and maximize available resources unlike Android OS. The OS can function well with little random access memory.

2016 is going to be intersting and we’re waiting to see if other smartphone vendors are going to up their game and catch up with Apple.
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