Now You Can Run Android On PC With Remix OS

Jide is a company founded by three former Google employees and they’ve finally released their forked Android version called Remix OS for public download. Unlike other forked Android versions, this brings more to the table and the most outstanding feature is the multi-window support.

The operating system was shown at CES 2016 and we reported it in this article. Although Android OS is basically a mobile operating system, the company has successfully made it a fully functional PC operating system. Remix OS combines a mobile operating system with real PC experience to create something very interesting.

At the just concluded Consumer Electronics Show, Jide said the operating system would be available for public download starting from today and they made good their promise. You can now freely download Remix OS and on any x86 computer.

Since this is an operating system to be used on PC, the said it includes a lot of productivity features. According to the company:

With its multitude of productivity oriented features combined with over 1.6 million apps, Remix OS seamlessly merges functionality, ease of use, and beauty in amazing ways to give you an unforgettable Android experience.

With this forked Android version, you can access almost all apps available at the Play Store. It is based on the x86 version of Android Lollipop and you can run the OS directly from a USB 3.0 flash drive. This means you won’t have to worry about losing your current operating system or data.

You can download the OS from its official website here. There’s also a guide on how to install it.
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