Beware Of This Android App Called Alrawi Created By ISIS

Beware Of This Android App Called Alrawi Created By ISIS

ISIS is stopping at nothing in recruiting new members. Before now, the terror group has been using social networks for communication and more recently, it was reported that ISIS was using Telegram for secure communication. Telegram is a secure messaging platform built by a German, and ISIS has been using it in recent months to recruit new members and further spread propaganda. The ISIS channel on Telegram gathered over 9,000 followers before it was shut down.

An online counter-terrorism group, GhostSec (Ghost Security), has reported that ISIS already has built its own secure messaging platform. GhostSec is an offshoot of the hacktivist group, Anonymous. GhostSec focuses mainly on frustrating likely terrorist attacks by exposing their agenda, taking down their websites and working with agencies.

Isis members in Aleppo, Syria. The group now communicates using its own Android app, Alrawi. Photo credit: Medyan Dairieh/Corbis

The new app reportedly created by ISIS is called Alrawi and is already in circulation. Before now, the group has been spreading propaganda through another Android app called Amaq Agency. The app shows latest news on ISIS, latest attacks, executions and so on. Talking to Defense One, a Ghost Security representatives said:

The application’s primary purpose is for propaganda distribution. Using the app you are able to follow the most recent news and video clips.

However, the terror group has been working on another secure messaging app for communication. Ghost Security said the new app has “encrypted communications features.”

The encrypted messaging platform ensures communication is not intercepted. ISIS still allegedly use Twitter, WhatsApp and some other platforms for exchanging photos and video for updates but when it comes to serious communication like plotting attacks, Alrawi is used.

Although the app may not be as secure as Telegram, WhatsApp and the rest, with its own encrypted messaging platform, ISIS will no longer rely on 3rd party platforms for communications. If you’ve come across Alrawi.apk already, you’ve definitely stumbled on ISIS secure messaging platform.
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