We Are Sorry: MTN Apologizes to Subscribers, NCC

We Are Sorry: MTN Apologizes to Subscribers, NCC

It seems the MTN vs NCC drama may be coming to an end soon as the telecommunications company has apologized to the regulator and subscribers on Friday. MTN said that it is more than willing to restore its relationship with the Nigerian Communications Commission no matter what the current situation looks like.

As reported by Leadership News, the Chief Executive Officer of MTN, Ferdinand Moolman, and Corporate Service Executive, Aminat Oyagbola, maintained that the NCC is held in high esteem as the major regulator in Nigeria’s telecoms sector and that MTN is ready to work the the body to resolve issues amicably.

Aminat Oyagbola said:

The approach is to take the steps lined up to move the industry forward, correct where we have erred in the past, ensure good business relationships with all stakeholders in the industry. It starts with a show of good faith; speaking the truth. We want to restore and generate more goodwill.

Concerning the ongoing re-registration of SIM cards, MTN apologized to subscribers, emphasizing the need for an accurate database. She said:

We are sorry about the number of times a subscriber had to revisit our outlet. The target is to have an accurate database from our own end and then syncronise it with that of the regulator. It is a voluminous exercise. We have placed order for SIM registration equipment from the manufacturers, but they claimed to have run out of stocks because it is not only Nigeria that is registering subscribers. They gave us till March for them to have stocks.
However, the issue of the imposed fine is still unclear as MTN lamented that the fee is about 95% of their annual revenue.
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