Facebook Is Deliberately Crashing Its App To Test Your Addiction

Facebook Is Deliberately Crashing Its App To Test Your Addiction

Facebook has come under the hammer once again for playing on its users intelligence. A recent report from The Information claims that the social networking giant has been running some tests to see how it can survive in the event that it pulls out of Google Play Store.

Android OS has the largest mobile market share and it’s evident that a lot of Facebook users rely on the Play Store to get the Facebook mobile app. However, the company has had a couple of issues with Google in the past and it appears Facebook is trying to come up with a contingency plan in case Google finally decides to remove Facebook apps from its store.

According to the report by The Information:

Facebook’s goal is to be ready in case it has an intractable conflict with Google, which operates the Android mobile operating system, over future rules governing how apps can function on Android.

During this test, Facebook has reportedly crashed it’s Android app on some users devices using an internal module available within the app. Unsurprisingly, it was reported that people never stopped coming back to Facebook despite the app crashes. Some users chose to keep trying the app while others decided to open Facebook on their web browser.

Facebook has been under the hammer for using it’s users in this controversial test. However, this test is only part of a larger picture. While some analysts said Facebook is trying to see how loyal its users are, some think the test is only to see if the company can actually survive if the app eventually gets removed from the Play Store.

Facebook is definitely trying to rely less on Google. The company has reportedly offered some users the chance to download its app from its website in some countries as opposed to the Play Store.
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