Glo Steals A Large Chunk Of Internet Subscribers From MTN, Others

Glo Steals A Large Chunk Of Internet Subscribers From MTN, Others

Glo has proven once again that it is the fastest growing network in Nigeria. According to a report on the Nigeria Communications Commission’s official website, Glo gained the most internet subscribers in the 4th quarter of 2015.

The number of Glo internet subscribers has been on the rise steadily since Q3 2015. A recent NCC report shows that MTN, Airtel and Etisalat are still losing subscribers to the growing network. Image: Don Caprio / Geek NG

The company took the lead and gained more customers more than any other operator in the country. As seen in the report, Glo’s closest rival, MTN, appears to be losing more internet subscribers to Glo. Not only that, every other GSM network operator lost large chunks of internet subscribers to Glo.

Between August 2015 to December 2015, internet subscribers on the MTN network went down from 41.4 million to 39.9 million. The South African company lost about 1.5 million subscribers. Within this time too, Airtel lost 659,062 internet subscribers and Etislat lost 351,221 subscribers.

Only Glo recorded a massive growth. In total, Glo gained 4.3 million subscribers within this same period. With this exponential growth, it’s obvious more people are leaving other network providers to subscribe to Glo internet service.

This growth may be attributed to the company’s innovative decisions when it comes to affordable data plans. For instance, Glo appears to be the only mobile network offering as much as 24gb of data for only 8,000 naira. There are also affordable plans that probably attracted consumers and apparently, the Glo Overload promo did a lot in improving the company’s acceptability.

2016 should be a very interesting year as other telecommunication companies will try to win back subscribers they’ve already lost. This should lead to a further crash in internet subscription cost. MTN recently introduced an unlimited daily data planand we may see even more as we progress into the year.
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