How To Get Back The Old Tab List In Google Chrome For Android

How To Get Back The Old Tab List In Google Chrome For Android

Someone at Google came up with the terrible idea of merging Google Chrome tabs with running applications and surprisingly, it was approved. While a number of people enjoy this feature, it’s probably one of the most annoying features ever on Google Chrome for Android. I personally dislike the idea of mixing up my browser tabs with running applications.

I love to keep things organized and this sort of look disorganized to me. I hate Android Lollipop recent apps stacked cards as it is and merging my browser tabs with this is unthinkable.

This new feature lets you access tabs by tapping the Recent soft key instead of the old tab icon in Google Chrome. If you hate this feature as much as I do, you should know that getting back the old tab list icon right within Chrome is quite easy.

How to disable tabs and recent apps merge in Google Chrome

Tap the menu icon at the top-right (three tiny dots). Go to settings.
Scroll down to Merge tabs and apps

Turn it off and confirm your choice when prompted by tapping OK.

That should do it. Browser tabs should no longer merge with recent apps and the regular tab icon should now appear in Google Chrome.
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