Open and Verify Your Paypal Account in Nigeria and Unsupported Countries

Open and Verify Your Paypal Account in Nigeria and Unsupported Countries

It’s no longer news that paypal is not supported in Nigeria and certain countries like Pakistan ans Sri Lanka. You can, however, open and verify your paypal account if you live in Nigeria or any of these unsupported countries to facilitate your online transactions.

If you do not have a liberty account, please read my previous post on that and fund your Liberty Reserve account before proceeding. Fund your liberty reserve account with about $10 ( you’re going to need this to buy a virtual credit card for verification)

Now, go to and register an account. I’ll advise you to use aYour-Freedom client server to do this. It’s not a bright idea doing this in a cyber cafe using a Nigerian IP address or an unsupported country’s IP address. You can as well use any other anonymizer you can always have access to. This is important because you will always use this to check your paypal account. Using something strange from what you regularly use might place a limitation on your account!

You must have a valid address and phone number of the country you intend to use. To get one, type “china yellow pages” in google search box. Check the results one after the other till u get what you need, including the postal code. That’s only an example if you intend to use China as your country.

Be sure the country you intend to use has no payment limitation. Wondering what i mean? Sometimes back, South Africans were allowed to send money but a South African paypal account can never receive a dollar. I don’t know if the limitation is still there, just don’t make the mistake I made.

China and Indonesia or any other non-european country supported by paypal is ok.

Now you’ve opened a paypal account, you need to verify it by linking your credit card or adding your bank account.

Visit to purchase your virtual visa credit card
Select virtual cc for paypal verification. Choose none european address and make your payment with the liberty reserve account you opened earlier.

Go back to your paypal account after this, click on get verified, then link and confirm your credit card. Enter your credit card details, ok? Click save and continue. Paypal then tells u to go get a code (blah)(blah)

Go back to and enter your credit card number in the space provide on their homepage. You should be told you’d be alerted when your expuse number is ready.

A couple of hours or two later, you should receive an email telling u your expuse number is ready. Now go back to and enter you credit card in that same space on their homepage again. You should now get your 4-digit verification.

Now the final step, login to your paypal account, click on confirm your credit card, enter your 4-digit code and your account becomes verified.

One word of advice, always check your paypal account with the anonymizer or IP address you opened the account with. I’ve been running my paypal account verified with this method for almost two years and I’ve got no problem since.
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