Using Liberty Reserve in Nigeria

I was rather surprised last week when I came across someone who told me he had a liberty reserve account but didn’t know how to fund it.
Liberty Reserve is one of the easiest online payment solution that is supported in most countries including Nigeria. One feature I love about it is its ease of use unlike paypal with so much restrictions.

All you need to to is go to, open and account and verify your email.

How to Fund Your Liberty Reserve Account

There’s a list of Liberty Reserve exchangers right on liberty reserve site and you can easily choose one that falls in your country of residence, but I personally use GoldNairaExchange and I can boldly say their service is good.

You will have to be a verified customer to buy a certain amount of LR funds from this exchanger but it’s definitely worth it as they are accredited by Liberty Reserve. Verifying your account with them only has to do with submitting a scanned copy of your utility bill, bank statement (and probably a scanned copy of a government issued ID card).

Once you’re a verified member, you can buy as much LR fund as you wish by filling the form on the site, paying into their Guarantee Trust bank account and notifying them of your payment.

Normally, your account will be funded within 48 hours but I normally get mine funded under 24 hours in most cases.

Withrdawing Your Liberty Reserve Funds

You can as well sell your Liberty Reserve Fund to these people. Simply follow the steps provided on their site and you get you Liberty Reserve Dollars back in Naira right in your bank account.
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