Update: MediaTek Denies Helio X20 Overheating Issues

Update: MediaTek Denies Helio X20 Overheating Issues

Contrary to earlier rumors and speculations about Helio X20 overheating issue, MediaTek has denied this. On it’s Weibo handle, the company addressed the rumor and explicitly said the SoC doesn’t have any overheating problem.

This widespread rumors forced the company to react. MediaTek explained that even if this happens, a mechanism is already in place which makes the processor operate on 8 cores instead of 10. This fail-safe mechanism will automatically shut down the two Cortex-A72 cores in the event of a temperature rise.

According to MediaTek, the two Cortex-A72 cores are power efficient and will greatly reduce battery consumption. The Taiwanese company says the chip is already in mass production stage and devices with Helio X20 SoC should be available in the market anytime soon.

MediaTek has always been the company bringing processors with high-end specifications to the mid-range market. Processors by MediaTek have always been the cheaper alternatives to chips found in high-end devices and this has greatly helped in bringing decent devices to the low-end and mid-range market in certain smartphone markets.

The overheating issue would’ve been a setback for, not only MediaTek, but also OEMs relying on the the product for their 2016 flagship devices.
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