You’re Most Likely Not Using These 5 Useful Android Apps

You’re Most Likely Not Using These 5 Useful Android Apps

There is truly an app for everything these days and many are aimed at making everyday actions a breeze. Not all apps are created equal and more than a few towers above the competition in features, ease of use and customizable settings.

Square Register: Square register is a premier payment service, allowing you to easily process credit card payments through any smartphone by both swiping and manual entry.

You can send receipts directly to your customers through email, have buyers sign their name, and receive all payments direct deposited into your account the very next day all with a single, simple application.

AnyMote App– You will never need to worry about losing your remote again with the Anymote application for android. Anymote turns your smartphone into a remote control for over 1 million devices.

From TVs to DVD players, Roku to Xbox, the Anymote app controls it all easily. Setting up custom commands and using multiple remotes at once is a breeze with this IR controller.

Clockspot– Business owners rejoice, this tool makes timesheets a breeze. Employees use the browser or any phone to clock in and out and even their location is tracked. Easily receive payroll reports, track overtime and approve timesheets.

All info is stored in a secured cloud so there is never a worry of losing data. Review and manage employee requests for time off as well as all expense reports in real time. Clockspot is the ideal tool for small and medium businesses.

Google Translate– Sure everyone is more than familiar with the web version, but what does the app have to offer? The ability to take pictures of foreign text and have it directly translated is one major bonus.

It will easily translate any typed or spoken words or even on screen handwriting. Just in case you’re a little shy about how to pronounce where is the nearest bathroom in French, it will speak translations aloud for you.

Smart Tools App– Who would’ve thought that one of the best tools for android would actually be an app full of well…tools.

Smart tools is a mass collection of Smartphone compatible tools such as ruler, distance and length measurement, unit converter, compass, magnifier and even a metal detector. There are too many tools to mention and you’re bound to find something useful for any task.
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