We May Start Seeing Nexus Phones Fully Developed By Google

We May Start Seeing Nexus Phones Fully Developed By Google

Google has always partnered with third party smartphone vendors to make its Nexus line of devices but this may be coming to an end soon. Although Nexus phones have one thing in common and that’s the optimized, unadulterated stock Android OS, it appears Google wants more control over this line of device. Google manages the software while smartphone vendors manage the hardware and this has actually worked… but apparently not the way Google wants.

Huawei Nexus 6p

The last Nexus device, Huawei Nexus 6P, received positive reviews and it remains one of the best Android phones out there even till now. But just like Apple that has total control over the hardware and software, Google too plans on doing the same. According to The Information in a recent report:

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and his lieutenants have signaled to colleagues and outsiders that the company wants to take greater control over its program for making “Nexus” smartphones, which are powered by Google’s Android software. The change would effectively reduce the level of involvement of hardware partners that make the phones with Google, a group which has included Samsung, Motorola, LG and Huawei.

The report continues:

The move would be the latest step by Google to make Nexus phones more like the iPhone, which is controlled by Apple top to bottom, and strengthen Android’s brand overall in order to capture more share at the high end of the market that Apple dominates.

The report also mentions that HTC and Google are working together on this year’s Nexus device but HTC isn’t thrilled with Google’s tighter involvement in the hardware department.

Making a line of premium Android devices is what Google targets and obviously, Google has what it takes to make this happen. Nexus devices can actually be a direct competitor to the iPhone if done right.
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