5 Powerful Ways On How To Make BlackBerry Battery Last Longer

I have been using a BlackBerry phone for quiet a while now and I usually have this problem of maintaining my BlackBerry battery to make it last just longer than the usual duration and I feel it not only me that faces this problem. This made me go do some finding and research on my own feeling like a scientist.

So i started my so called researched and I learned and notice somethings that normally you will not notice or not talk important and these things actually consumes your battery badly. Now BlackBerry itself does not have a good battery but some as always denied that but to me its the prefect truth because BlackBerry knows the tasks the device does so they could have just increase the capacity of the battery but they have their excuses.

So I will share with you the tips and process that I got from my research and when I applied these tips it really helped my BlackBerry device battery last much more longer. Please note if your phone has a faulty that does not hold power and think this will help, it will help but not as what you expect so it to. So let get on to the point of this post.

Tips And Tricks To Make Your BlackBerry Battery Last Longer

1. Running Many Applications

Yes! I know BlackBerry is a multi-tasking device but it does not mean you should abuse that feature. what I mean by abuse is by opening or running applications that you are not using at the moment. Normally when you open or run an application it undergoes some processes and these processes to work need power which comes from your battery and thereby reduces the battery by applications that you are not even using. So there is the tip, when you need an application open it but when you are done exit the application just don’t leave it there.

2. Slow Down

Some BlackBerry users are always rushing, I was so I know what am talking about. when I say slow down I actually mean the way you type and also switch from one application to another if you notice when you do these your blackberry device becomes hot and before you know it, your battery will reducing more than the normal range.

3. Camera

The camera of a BlackBerry a very high volume of power to work, am not telling you to stop taking pictures but am saying optimize the camera before you use it. you can optimize the camera by actually removing what is not necessary for example like using your flashlight to take pictures in daylight and these actually consumes more battery than you think, so if you don’t need the camera flashlight just switch it off, it helps.

4. Network

When am traveling and my phone is in 3G network only it reduces the battery faster and I end up having a switched off phone before getting to my destination therefore having my relatives worried, so what I do is to change it to EDGE or simply switch of the data and these will not make me have internet access but calls and text messages will still be able to received. You should try that out and see how it helps.

5. Avoid Using And Charging

Normally some people are used of this which is bad, charging there Blackberry Phones and they will be using it, please your phone is not a laptop or computer, you should wait for it to full charge then you can use but if you decide to continue to press and use the phone when you are charging, you will notice that your device will become hot.

So these are tips I will be giving you today, if I still notice more tips I will also share, so if you need to get tips like this, please subscribe to our updates for free straight to your inbox for free.

So when operating your Blackberry and you notice your device is heating up, you should reduce what you are doing or you can simply drop your phone and let it cool these also helps in maintaining your BlackBerry and makes it last much more longer
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