How To Hide Files On BlackBerry Phones Easily

There are times you want a little privacy on your BlackBerry phones and you need to hide some files on your BlackBerry device then you have no problem because it is very possible to do that without any problem or installing any app.

This is an inbuilt feature that blackberry has and some users don’t even know about it or notice it, so in this short post tutorial, am going to be showing you how to hide files on your Blackberry device, this is a very simple process and very easy to understand. All you have to do is follow my steps.

Steps On How to Hide Files On BlackBerry Devices Easily

When I say files I don’t just mean only document but pictures, songs, videos and so on. So let get straight to action.

  • Go to the Home Menu and get to the Application
  • In The Application, you will find the File Manager
  • From there locate the file you want to Hide either from the Phone memory or Memory card
  • Once you have located the file, go to options then view the file Properties
  • When viewing the file’s properties just look down and you will find a box and beside it you will see “Hidden“
  • Tick the box and the file will be hidden.
That all.

Now you wondering, what if I want to see the file how to I get it back? I will tell you how below

Steps On How To Find hidden Files On your BlackBerry device

  • Once you are the folder where you hid the file or files, then go to options, while there you will see a option that say “Show Hidden” select it.
  • Once you have selected it the files will show up but in a faded way which means you can see them but they are still hidden, so to remove the hidden feature from then while on the faded document go to theoptions then the properties and then uncheck the Hidden box and the files can be seen.

And that how to hide and show files on BlackBerry devices easily, you can give this a trial and tell me what happens using the comment and I hope you understand the post on how to hide files on BlackBerry device easily. Share to other and subscribe for the best tips and tricks
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