Addiction To Smartphone Leads To Depression & Anxiety

Addiction To Smartphone Leads To Depression & Anxiety

Smartphone addiction seems like something we all suffer from and a new report has shown that this isn’t right. Staying glued to our mobile screen while neglecting our immediate environment is what we’ve all been through and of course, we see it around us everyday.

Addiction to smartphone has been linked to depression and anxiety. Image credit:

Over the last few years, technology has advanced greatly but with this advancement comes detrimental issues. A new study conducted by Alejandro Lleras, a psychology professor from University of Illinois and an undergraduate student Tayana Panova proves that smartphone addicts are prone to depression. Lleras said:

People who self-described as having really addictive style behaviors toward the Internet and cellphones scored much higher on depression and anxiety scale

About 300 students were surveyed and during the study, it was discovered that people who were addicted to their mobile devices reported the highest level of depression and anxiety.

However, for participants who use smartphones and Internet to escape boredom, there seems to be no negative mental health signs. Using smartphone to escape stressful situations actually helps as Lleras pointed out:

Having access to a phone seemed to allow that group to resist or to be less sensitive to the stress manipulation.

As beneficial as this piece of technology can be, effects of addiction can still be devastating. He continued:

The interaction with the device is not going to make you depressed if you are just using it when you are bored. This should go toward soothing some of that public anxiety over new technology.

There is no harm in using smartphones but when it becomes an addiction, anxiety and depression are not so far away.
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