How To View And Edit Image Metadata On iOS

How To View And Edit Image Metadata On iOS

Most Android devices let you easily view your images metadata. This holds crucial information that identifies images. Details contained in the metadata include the camera model, location where the image was taken, use of flash, file creation date, aperture and many others.

iOS hides this information and by default, you won’t be able to view it. There are several applications available in the App Store for this purpose but most of them are not free. Photo Investigator is one of the few free ones that work well. The app gives detailed information on images and it’s very easy to use.

After installing, you can open the app and pick any image to view its metadata.

The app is ad-supported but you can remove this with $2.99. This also unlocks the ability to edit metadata.

The app is also integrated with iOS sharing feature where it can be enabled. Doing this lets you view metadata without necessarily opening the app.

Go to Photos and view any image, tap the sharing icon at the top-right. Tap more on the second row and turn on “Investigate” as shown below.

Unless you’re bothered by ads and you need to edit your photo information, paying the $2.99 fee is not necessary. For a free software, it does the job quite well.
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