See Video Moja Android App That Lets You Watch Nollywood Movies For Free

A new app that lets you watch Nollywood movies for free has just been released. Video Moja may be not in the same league as existing apps like IrokoTV but it sure works and you won’t need to pay a dime to use it. According to the information available on the app page, membership is free and the application isn’t ad-supported.

The app is still in beta and it may not work correctly on all devices. As a matter of fact, we took it for a spin and some functions appear broken. It’s a little rushed and still needs a lot of work to reach perfection.

Video Moja lets you create your profile and registration takes less than a minute. Using the app is easy as the UI is very intuitive. New movies are added every week and you can sort movies based on genre. If you choose not to install the app, you can still watch Nollywood movies directly from your browser. All you need to do is log on to the website and you’re good to go. In our opinion, the web version seems to work better than the mobile app. Again, the app is still in beta stage and there are bound to be issues.

We’re not sure if the app directly have these movies on their developers servers, they seem to be streamed from Youtube which makes it even better.

If you’re ready to give the app a try, you can install from here. You might as well try the web version here. Video Moja is free and your credit card details isn’t required for registration.
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