AMAZING!! UNIZIK students manufactures mini bus from local materials

Nigeria as a big country have youths, who are born with the potentials and the ability to show the world that they can make what other international communities do......... Well, that is a very big good news, but how will the youths succeed? when the country looks down on the youth initiative and our politicians are all bunch of lazy men, looking for a way to loot from their citizens!

The Mini Bus
But nevertheless, some youths from south-east of the country has shown their potentials, in what they called engineering. Seven final-year engineering students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, have designed and constructed a mini bus from scratch with locally sourced materials made specially to suit Nigeria’s topography and climatic condition.

“The bus was constructed from start to finish at the University’s workshop, using all necessary design software and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools. We constructed the chassis, down to every single part of the mini bus,” said Callistus Ezeigwe, one of the seven.

The group, known as the Autozik Group, was made up of six males and a female including Callistus Ezeigwe, Victor Obinani, Ifeanyi Ezeanolue, Ogbu Ikenna, Fidelis Ominigbo, Nnamdi Nwobodo and Chinaza Okoro, was supervised by the then Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. C.H. Achebe. All hail from South-East, the region who are agitating for a separate Biafra nation, carved out of Nigeria.

Narrating their inspiration, one student among the seven, Ezeugwu said; “We made the mini bus using mere hand tools. This means we did all of the constructions and folding, with our hands, since the university could not provide us with ground equipment, as used in most automobile companies.”

The aim was to construct a mini bus using locally sourced materials, which is more durable and can better stand the test of time, compared to other brands out there.

“We named it Autobully,” said Obinani Victor, explaining that the brand name, coined from the normal bullion van, fits the shape of the mini bus.

When asked about their challenge, the group said; There is no doubt that Nigeria has talents but the challenge is how to tap harness them for the good of the nation. These youths have been able to achieve this feat with no help from expatriates. They have shown some sense of doggedness and proficiency and they must not be allowed to be swept away by the tide of brain drain.

Hope our leaders will hear this!
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