Review: New Accer Aspire 10 E New Face of Computer system with windows 10 and Touch Screen

The New Aspire 10 E Built With Cutting Edge Technology.

This device has change the face of technology with so much features in it and Microsoft has decided to crown it with the new windows 10. 

The New Windows 10 has normal windows mode and tablet mode, this makes this device support two (2) mode.

This mode are mobile (Tablet) mode and normal computer mode with keyboard. Which means this device can function as a tab and also as a computer system, To switch from the two mode, you can easily remove the keyboard and its in tab mode and fix it back and its in computer mode.

You can also switch the modes from action centre in windows 10 interface.

See Pictures:

open view

Detachable Keyboard 

Tablet Mode


Side View

Keyboard slot
Side View

Front View

Back View

Side View

Side View

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