Google Wants You To Navigate Your Android Phone Without Your Hand

Google voice recognition keeps getting better and this can be seen through the series of updates Google Now undergoes every now and then. The latest app from Google aims to enable users navigate through their phone using voice.

Voice Access lets you navigate your phone using voice with the aid of numbered tap targets.

Although it’s only in beta stage for now and there are going to be bugs, the app works quite well and does what it says it does. Voice Access really lets you navigate your phone with just your voice. With Voice Access installed and accessibility enabled, you should be able to see numbers on tap targets. Saying the number automatically selects the corresponding tap target.

With Voice Access, you can say things like “scroll down” to even navigate the screen. “Go home” takes you to the homescreen and saying “show all commands” lists valid things you can say to make Voice Access work for you.

To make it work correctly, you need to go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Access and turn it on.

How to install

As mentioned earlier, the app is still in beta stage and it seems Google has enough testers already. You may have to wait till the app becomes publicly released and if you can’t, you may still search the Internet for mirrored APK files.
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