In the market today, 80% of smartphone users don’t know the hardware components on their smartphone. Some of them just test out the camera, hear about the RAM size, internal memory size and conclude to purchasing the smartphone. At the end of the day, they end of purchasing the wrong smartphones.

The rate at which fake devices floods the market is overwhelming. You get to the market only for you to obtain the fake version of a smartphone or even a refurbished version. This is the reason it’s very advisable to go through the specifications (with images) of any smartphone you wish to purchase before making payments to the seller.

With the help of phone tester application, you get to know the hardware information of your smartphone. What the app does is to analyze and test the hardware of your device, sensors and every other component that makes sure that your device operates perfectly.

This app is very helpful to those of us who review products. I know that most of you might be wondering how we get to know the type of sensor our device use, the camera, the battery and other hardware component without disassembling the device. I’m happy to let you know that “Phone Tester” is the secret.

The features of “Phone Tester” application includes analyzing Wifi, sensor info, camera info, telephony info, GPS info, battery capacity, analyzes multitouch of the device, system info like RAM, CPU, GPU and other related hardware components.

Where to download Phone Tester?
Phone tester is available on Google playstore HERE.

So, if you ever wanted to get detailed hardware information about your device, you’re advised to get the phone tester app and have a better knowledge about your device than before. Don’t forget to share this info with your friends on social media.
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