Opera browser is a very popular browser worldwide, although they’ve just 2% share in the Global market across platforms. The integration of free and unlimited virtual network access would definitely increase their percentage in the Global market with time.

With this newly introduced feature (Unlimited VPN access), you won’t need to download any third party VPN extension or pay a dime to protect your privacy online. However, you can easily access blocked websites even when on public Wi-Fi.

This is very good news amongst internet gurus. They also advanced their native ad blocker which eradicates annoying ads and pop-ups. This would be a bad news to most advertising agencies. At least, with the help of this VPN, you get to access entertainment contents, browse anonymously, access restricted networks, access restricted sites, communicate easily with friends abroad and also access restricted new sites.

The VPN features integrated on opera browser is far better than traditional VPN networks, if for nothing, at least the free and unlimited access being offered. With this, you get access only between the U.S., Canada and Germany as spoofed locations.

Where to download Latest Opera Browser?

· Opera developer for Windows
· Opera developer for Mac
· Opera developer for 32-bit Linux – deb file
· Opera developer for 64-bit Linux – deb file
· Opera developer for 32-bit Linux – RPM file
· Opera developer for 64-bit Linux – RPM file

How to Activate VPN Features on Opera Browser
For Mac users, simply go to Opera menu, click on “Preference” and toggle the VPN on. While Windows and Linux users, simply go to “Settings” >> “Privacy and Security” section and then enable VPN access from there.

I know that most of you that are used to paying for VPN services would quickly swap to using opera browser. We’re hoping for these features to be included on smartphones as it’s only made available for the desktop version of opera browser. Having known this, I hope you also pass this information across social media to keep others informed.
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