Like The iPhone 6s, The 4-inch iPhone SE Survives Waterproof Test

Apple has never mentioned that any of its devices is waterproof but this hasn’t stopped people from trying to see if these devices would survive being submerged in water. During the iPhone SE launch, Apple didn’t mention the waterproof capability of the phone as well. YouTuber Zach Straley carried out a waterproof test on the device and surprisingly, it did survive.

In an uploaded video, the test was carried out on three Apple devices: the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6s and the new iPhone SE. The iPhone 5s gave way around the 5 minutes mark with signs of water damage on the screen. The iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s continued to work. Sound tests and camera tests were carried out at intervals and everything looked fine.

The devices survived an hour-long water submersion. It should be noted that the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE were not marketed as waterproof. This video should in no way serve as a guarantee that the devices are fully waterproof. However, the devices should be able to take a splash and still work fine.

You can watch the video below:
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