Mirroring Android Notifications And Other Windows 10 Anniversary Update Features

The Windows 10 Anniverasy Update looks like a very big one and Microsoft has given some details about what to expect. Windows 10 is almost a year old and according to Microsoft, it is already running on 270 million devices.

Compared with the most recent Windows versions, the adoption rate is quite great. Microsoft’s vision of a Unified Windows Platform has almost taken its full shape. With same Windows applications running on both mobile and desktop, it can be said that things can only get better with the new features announced at BUILD 2016.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the Build 2016 keynote address
One of the biggest announcements was the availability of Bash on Windows. While regular users may not really find the news exciting, quite a lot of developers appreciate having the Linux command line on Windows.

Action Center goes to the cloud

In case you don’t know what this means, it simply means that your notifications on all devices will be synchronized. You may not need Pushbullet anymore to get your Android phone notifications while working on your PC. There’s a catch though — Cortana has to be installed on these devices and you should be logged in with the same Microsoft account.

Getting your Android phone notification on your computer and dismissing it right there will also dismiss it on your phone.

Terry Myerson, Microsoft Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, talks about an anniversary update to Windows 10 during the keynote address at the Microsoft Build Conference, Wednesday, March 30, 2016, in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) CAER107 (Eric Risberg / The Associated Press)

Extension support for Microsoft Edge

One thing that has been a major setback for Microsoft Egde is extension support. With the Anniverasy Update, the browser is expected to support extensions and a store will be created for this.

Windows Inking

This is specifically for touchscreen devices. The Inking feature will let users draw on apps with the help of on-screen tools. Although this feature can be found in Microsoft apps like Office and Maps, the new SDK will allow developers to add support to their apps with just a few lines of codes.

Windows Hello

This feature is already built into Windows 10 but the upcoming update will further improve its usage. Windows Hello lets you sign in to Windows 10 using your fingerprint, Iris or other biometric details but the update will extend this to supporting applications and websites.

Xbox One

Xbox One also benefits from the Anniversary Update as it joins the UWP (Unified Windows Platform). Users will be able to download and install apps from the store.

Cortana everywhere

Cortana is about to get more “intelligent” with the digital assistant gaining more capabilities. Cortana wil be able to offer useful suggestions throughout the day based on users actions and interests. More commands will be added and developers will be able to integrate the personal assistant into their applications. A typical demo was shown at BUILD 2016 with the digital assistant integrated into Skype.

Release date

Microsoft wasn’t specific about the release date. It is to be expected released “this summer” but there are speculations that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will arrive by July based on the version number (1607). The update will be available for Windows 10 PC’s, phones, Xbox One, IoT, and HoloLens.
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