Opera Is Gradually Kicking Out Windows Phone

Opera Mini is arguably one of the most popular mobile browsers in today’s world with millions of users. People can use this browser on various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and and more. It is a browser loved by many for its data-saving feature.

To start with, it was Blackberry operating system that first got the boot, now Windows Mobile operating System is going to get a practically comparative treatment.

The organization, which dispatched its popular browser on Windows Phone last June, said the company would not be overhauling the Opera browser for Windows at any point in the near future. The reason behind this choice is because of the absence of assets required to generate a general Windows 10 application. Additionally, the team of coders that was working at the Windows Phone version of the Opera Mini internet browser will be “devoting” their opportunity to Android operating system and iOS applications.

The company posted on its blog that it has already considered porting the Android or iOS version of the app to Windows so as to keep it updated on the platform, but it wasn’t a brilliant solution. It was explained that a browser is more complex and that approach wouldn’t work.

Despite the fact that the browser will not be updated for Windows mobile platform for now, maintenance would still be carried out so as to fix bugs and to ensure the browser remains secure.

As explained, the browser may get a major update later in the future but for now, it’s going to remain as it is. This might be Opera’s way to totally ending support for Windows mobile.
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