Xiaomi Teases A New Phablet, Mi Max

Xiaomi is releasing a new device very soon and it’s a pretty huge phablet. A new teaser posted on the official support forum shows a rather big device fitting into a pocket. We’re yet to know exactly how big the screen is but there are rumors suggesting we should be expecting a 6.4-inch device. We do not have much details on Xiaomi Mi Max for now, just speculations.

Before now, Xiaomi has conducted an online survey asking users to suggest a new name for its new product line. Over 50% went for Mi Max. Other suggested names include Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Plus and Xiaomi Big.

With the teaser shown, it is unclear if this is going to a high-end device or not. There are speculations the device might have an all-metal body and feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 under the hood. Xiaomi Mi Max will likely have a fingerprint sensor but for now, everything about the device is sketchy.

Xiaomi is yet to reveal exactly when the device will be released but it should be around the third quarter of the year. We will post more details about the upcoming device as it comes in.

Xiaomi has a product like, Mi Note, for phablets. What is unclear is whether the new Mi Max Phablet line will be the replacement.
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