GT Bank Now in your phone by dialing short code See how you can do it *737#

How To Perform Your Basic Transactions With Any Mobile Phone, No Data Needed NO Network Fee its Free

GTB BAnk SHOrt code

I recently received a message from GT Bank saying I can create a new account with them by dialing *737*0# for free. I thought it was one of this there bulk SMS for subscription codes, so I decided to give it a try to my surprise I followed the instructions and successfully got a new account created and also received my account number through sms to my phone in a space of few hours without visiting any GT Bank branch.

I don't really know the kind of Savings account it was but all I know its a savings account, but as we all know banks may tell you its a savings account but when you have issue with it they will start demanding for credentials that might not be at reach at that particular time.

I believe most Nigerians will be interested in creating account with a bank without visiting a branch to face the large crowd there and also follow there procedures that are time wasting. I believe almost all Nigerians will key-In To this but I will advice you to visit a GT Bank branch close to you to get more details before you deposit money into your created account.

GTB BAnk SHOrt code

It didnt end there GTB Now enables all its customer to be able to make transactions and perform some duties on there account any were they may find there self using a mobile device as far as it has normal network or service which means it those not need mobile data.

The Transaction You Can Carry Out Are:
  • Recharge your mobile phone.
  • Transfer money.
  • Pay your bills.
  • Open a new account
  • Check balance on your bank account

This are the code: Dial *737# to access the main menu

Note: All the transaction must be completed with the last four (4) digits of your Naira MasterCard.
  • Airtime Recharge for you self with the number in your account 
               Dial *737*AMOUNT#
  • To Recharge others 
               Dial *737*AMOUNT*PHONE NUMBER#
  • Transfer money from your account to a GTB account 
               Dial *737*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN A/C NO#
  • Transfer money from your account to Other Bank account 
                Dial *737*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN A/C NO#
  • Pay Startimes Bills 
                 Dial *737*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN A/C NO#
  • Open New Account 
                  Dial *737*0#
  • Check Balance OR For Enquiry 
                   Dial *737*6# 

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