Foreign Travelers Might Soon Be Asked For Their Social Media Info by US Customs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is proposing a new law that is will allow U.S. Customs to ask for foreign travelers’ social media details. If you can recall, last year, the DHS was planning to allow officials to examine visa applicants’ social media accounts, but this new proposal has been modified to cover all non-citizens entering and leaving the U.S., including those traveling without a visa.

The new proposal is being termed as the “social media identifier” and is described as an “optional data field to request social media … to be used for vetting purposes, as well as applicant contact information.” However, it will not permit the DHS to ask for a traveler’s social media passwords.

When it comes to its benefits, the document had this to say:
“Collecting social media data will enhance the existing investigative process and provide DHS greater clarity and visibility to possible nefarious activity and connections by providing an additional tool set which analysts and investigators may use to better analyze and investigate the case.”
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