Google Introduces A Tool That Will Check A Website’s Speed & Mobile-Friendliness

Google has announced a tool that will help you check a website speed & mobile-friendliness. The tool examines the website’s CSS, HTML, Scripts and other information to determine how it loads on both desktop and mobile devices. In Google’s words:

“On average, people check their phones more than 150 times a day, and more searches occur on mobile phones than computers. But if a potential customer is on a phone, and a site isn’t easy to use, they’re five times more likely to leave”

The new tool joins other tools Google has built to help website owners optimize their website(s), these include page speed insight and mobile-friendly test.

Google says an average user leaves the site if it doesn’t load on mobile within three seconds, so if the website takes much longer than that, you’d be ranked low. Also, as a website owner, Google will give you pointers to use in improving your scores.

Meanwhile, in a surprising twist, did not fare so well in its own test, which isn’t a first.

To check the speed of any website, click here
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