How To Unbrick Infinix X509 Zero 2 After Software Update

There are times we forget that it is forbidden to install updates for Infinix Zero 2 if it is rooted. Well we get a fix for you and it is very easy to unbrick the bricked Infinix Zero 2.

What you Need 

1. Bricked Infinix Zero 2
2. Good USB cable
3. A Windows computer
4. VCOM Drivers for Infinix Zero 2 .........Download here
5. PDANet+ .........Download here
6. Infinix Zero Stock ROM ............Download here
7. MediaTek SP Flash Tool ...........Download here


1. Download all the necessary files in the "What you Need" list above and move them to the Desktop
2. Extract the Infinix Stock ROM in the folder and all other files to the Desktop
3. Install the VCOM drivers and the PDANet+ software. If you don't know how to install please consult the internet. Also, Windows 8 and 10 wont install VCOM drivers if the signature enforcer is not disabled.
4. After these drivers are installed, launch the Flash Tool as administrator

5. Click on the Scatter Loading button on the right side

6. Navigate to where the stock ROM is extracted to and select the scatter loading file

7. Make sure all boxes are checked as shown in the image below

8. Make sure the smartphone is off. Since it is bricked it won't come on so just turn it off

9. DO NOT connect your phone to the PC yet.
10. Now make sure that the drop-down box says Download Only and then click on the Download Button.

11. Now connect the phone to the PC via the USB cord.
12. The progress bar will appear at the bottom and when it is 100% complete, a green OK box will appear and the phone will reboot and come to life

13. You are done and our phone is no longer unbricked

To update to android lollipop 5.1 do the same thing but select the lollipop ROM and select firmware Upgrade instead of download only. A tutorial on that will be posted soon.
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