How to Use Facebook, FB Chat and Twitter with a Single App

XDA’s recognized contributor icoolguy1995 developed an interesting app with lots of potentials. It lets you use Facebook, Facebook messenger, and Twitter simultaneously without installing any of the individual RAM consuming apps.

Slidechat is the app you might be looking for. If you have an entry-level smartphone without much RAM to spare on such apps like Facebook and Twitter, then you might want to give Slidechat a go.

Being a webview application you’ll have to use Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter like you use them on Google Chrome mobile. This can either be good or bad, depending on your taste. While Facebook looks nicer while using its dedicated app, the web version is more complete.

Weighting only 2.54MB, this is certainly going to help you save some space. After you install it, the apk is “unzipped” and that translates in about 12MB in reality. It’s still a lot better than the 250MB Facebook app occupies.

While space and RAM consumption is nice, the selling point of SlideChat is its ability to use all 3 web apps at once. With just a slide you can change from Facebook to Facebook chat, and to Twitter. Multitasking at its best!

SlideChat is in its early infancy but the potential is huge. Imagine having a single app to access all of your social networks! The developer is certainly open to suggestions and it seems a new user interface and adding Instagram tab is in his mind.

Head over to XDA to follow the developer’s work and give suggestions for what you would like to see implemented. In case you just want to try this version, you can download the APK file here.
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