How To Fix Windows 10 or 8 Hibernating Instead of Shutting Down

Windows’ hibernation setting can be a very useful “feature” when you need to quickly start your computer, but there are times when you want or need to completely shut down your operating system every time instead of just occasionally.

Windows 8 came with a new form of shutdown process that is also present in Windows 10, which closes all programs and then hibernates the computer so that the next time you start Windows, it will start much faster.

This is also the reason why it takes much longer to reboot your computer than to power off and power on.

How to Disable Windows Hybrid Shutdown feature (also known as Fast Startup):

  • Right click the Windows start menu button and choose Power Options.
  • Click on Choose What the Power Button Does.
  • If there is a Windows UAC shield at the top with Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable, click it and choose Yes or enter your password to reopen the dialog with administrative privileges.
  • At the bottom below Shutdown Settings, it will say Turn on Fast Startup (recommended). Deselect the option and press Save Changes.
Now when you shut Windows down, it will shut down normally and not go into hibernation.
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