Skype adds offline file sharing with 300MB limit, multiple file downloads

Skype has announced to add new features to there platforms to improve file sharing. You’ll now be able to share files, photos, and videos up to 300MB at a time with contacts even when they’re offline, and users will now be able to access and download shared files more one than once.

Additionally, Skype will now allow multiple downloads of a file that has been shared with you in a Skype conversation. So now you can go back and download that file multiple times on any of your devices if needed:

Collect a file more than once, on multiple devices – you can now pick up a file multiple times on different devices. Imagine you’re on your way home and want to start reviewing a PowerPoint document on your phone, and then download it again to make edits on a computer at home.

Skype says it tested varying file limit sizes and settled on 300MB, but points users to OneDrive for sharing larger files.

You can start using the new file sharing features in Skype on Mac, iPhone, and other platforms using the latest versions of the app.
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