How to Set Your Default Keyboard on Your Android Phone

Android has been able to sustain its state in the market today because of the privilege it gives to its users. Android users have the ability to customize there device the way they want it, including changing there keyboard. i will be using SwiftKey Keyboard for explanation.

Setting default keyboard on android is easy and the process f using any other keyboard is still the same.

How To Set Default Keyboard on Android using SwiftKey keyboard?

  • 1. Download and install your new preferred keyboard (SwiftKey Keyboard)
  • 2. Go to settings
  • 3. Find and tap Language and Input.
  • 4. Tap on Default, under keyboard and input method
  • 5. Tap your preferred Keyboard
  • 7. Read the attention prompt that comes up on screen and tap OK if you wish to continue

  • 8. Go back to main language and input screen
  • 9. Tap on current keyboard again and select SwiftKey keyboard. This will save automatically.
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